Before the crash

It was a very chilly morning that Saturday. As we stepped out of our cars at Loftus Oval, the cold set in quick and it was time to ride & warm up. We actually didn’t warm up until the beginning of the climb out of Audley. Once we reached the top we were in the sun, the open road was ahead and it was nice. Except, things didn’t go to plan. As we were descending down to the T-intersection to climb back out towards Waterfall, Jing had a major off. Trieu & I were waiting at the bottom and we started to wonder where Jing was. We rode back up and noticed a car going down with hazards on. Now we were really worried. Then a red van came along and the driver asked if we were Trieu & Felix. He said Jing had an accident.
Jing is now out of hospital and beginning his recovery at home.

Before the crashThe open road.

Before the crashSynchronised head turning.

Before the crashMatching Rapha.

Before the crashRest up, recover quick & get back on that trainer!

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