ClubITR Sunday Shoot

As some of you know, I’ll be taking over the Type R forum, ClubITR. I’m pretty excited about this and the move is currently in good progress. The guys from Street-cover approached me about organising a photo shoot and I thought this was the perfect opportunity for the guys & girls in NSW to meet & greet. The last organised event was a Christmas BBQ back in 2009! Anyway, I’ve finally found some time to share some of my photos. Enjoy!

ClubITR Sunday ShootClubITR group shot. Thanks to a cherry picker.

ClubITR Sunday ShootThe DC5 Integras.

ClubITR Sunday ShootThe EP3 Civics & DC2 Integras.

ClubITR Sunday ShootThe DC5 line-up.

ClubITR Sunday ShootRed. Grey. White.

ClubITR Sunday ShootBlue.

ClubITR Sunday ShootBlack. Dark Grey.

ClubITR Sunday ShootEveryone was starving (& very co-operative). Thanks guys!

ClubITR Sunday ShootEP3 Civic Type R.

ClubITR Sunday ShootDC2 Integra Type R.

ClubITR Sunday ShootMissing the yellow.

ClubITR Sunday ShootS2000.

ClubITR Sunday ShootWe had a few visitors too!

ClubITR Sunday ShootSupercharged K.

ClubITR Sunday ShootMy baby.

ClubITR Sunday ShootMark’s very clean DC2R.

Check out the rest of the coverage on Street-cover & ClubITR. A big thanks to all that attended. The turn out was great and it has given me that extra push to get ClubITR a little more active.

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