Honda Nationals 2011

What an awesome event this was. So much VTEC in one place. So many fast Hondas! The guys from BYP organised a track day that will surely be an annual event. Hosted at the very familiar Wakefield Park Raceway, cars from Melbourne drove up 9 hours to participate and compete. The results? FAST!
Brandon’s DC2R won outright with a 1:03.2960. John Boston runner up in the Insight Motorsport S2000 with a 1:03.4010 and Damien set a new benchmark for NA Hondas with an amazing 1:05.6080.
It was great to be on the track again. The bug is back! However, I’m going to have to take a little break from it as I’m saving up for a big holiday.

Honda Nationals 2011Pre-meet at Pheasants Nest.

Honda Nationals 2011I love it.

Honda Nationals 2011Berty arrives in Richy’s DC2R. New Cars For Hope sticker on the side.

Honda Nationals 2011Hot S2000 from Melbourne staying at the same place.

Honda Nationals 2011Stevan representing ClubITR.

Honda Nationals 2011Eddie taking Illa for a ride in Stevan’s car. Prash in his black DC5S.

Honda Nationals 2011Busted a tyre. Lucky I brought my street tyres along so I had no issues going home. Unfortunately the day was cut short but no complaints. Car was OK. I was OK. All OK!

Honda Nationals 2011The Insight Motorsport S2000.

Honda Nationals 2011Check out the custom diffuser! Berty raved about it as it enabled him to go full throttle through the kink.

Honda Nationals 2011Trophies!

Honda Nationals 2011Some of the cars were put back on trailers for the drive home and some stayed back for a group shot.

Honda Nationals 2011This day was the first opportunity for me to drive a K swapped car. So much power! Love it. This EG is owned by Ryan and coming out of the pits I went a little sideways. I taught him the lines and he won the “Most Improved” award! First time at the track, his best was 1:19. At the end of the day, he shaved 5 seconds and managed a 1:14.

Honda Nationals 2011Taking Turn 10. Photo by Scott D’Abrera.

Honda Nationals 2011Approaching Turn 2. Photo by Flippit Photography.

Honda Nationals 2011Lining up at the pits.

Honda Nationals 2011Driving down the straight. Photo by Simon Nguyen.

Honda Nationals 2011Coming back in from showing Prash around. That is Manu from Melbourne in his DC5S behind me.

Honda Nationals 2011Waves.

Awesome day. Check out the rest of the coverage on ClubITR!

Louis Cordony - October 18, 2011 - 10:12 pm

Loving the pics, wish i cam along, even better is your take on the stock dc2 wheels, they look awesome

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