JDMST EOMM April 2012

Massive meet. Easily 1000+ cars. Teaming up with Top Secret Imports and Project D Drift School, JDMST were able to host the meet at WSID. So many cars were leaving when Dustin and I arrived, however there were still many cars making their way in.
I only took a handful of photos this time as I was assisting Dustin and trying to make sure he had enough footage for his video. Bumped into a few people as well which I haven’t seen in a while and also took an underexposed photo with Marty from Mighty Car Mods.

JDMST EOMM April 2012Massive.

JDMST EOMM April 2012The OZSMRT NSX always seems to draw a crowd. Nice meeting you again Angus.

JDMST EOMM April 2012MX5.


JDMST EOMM April 2012ClubITR represent!

JDMST EOMM April 2012Dustin’s Odyssey slammed on 20″ AME XV-77 wheels.

JDMST EOMM April 2012Hello Z Tune.

Check out JDMST for more coverage and Dustin’s video here.

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