Combined with the Evo Nationals at Eastern Creek and prizes, this meet was sure to be a success. It had a great vibe and some quality cars rolled in. I was riding around with Justin’s BMX and it was so much easier than walking. I might have to bring my mountain bike for the World Time Attack Challenge in early August!

Work Equip 01 on an EG Civic.

Nice detail.

From this MX5 with re-barrelled 15″ steelies.

Chookie’s MX5 with Work Equip 03.

Sticker bombed.

ClubITR represent!

Tim drove down from Newcastle with his somewhat controversial Integra.

Shane’s Supra. Ready for WTAC!

A few GTRs were lined up from Xtreme Motorsports.

Luke’s very clean R32 GT-R.

Immaculate R34 GT-R.

Mean Evo.

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