Melbourne Day 1

I’ve been a bit too busy with the Melbourne pics but I’ve finally had a bit of time to go through some of them. Justin, Christina, Dianne & myself arrived on a Saturday morning and the first thing we did was check into the apartment.

Awesome serviced apartment on Collins St. Check out the lounge!

It was also time for lunch so we decided to head out to Chapel St, grab a bite and go shopping. Justin and I left the girls behind and we just kept on walking.

Irish pub.

We killed a good 15+ minutes in the Knog shop.

Swobo bikes on display.

Hipster bags on display.

The champions John & Jamie. Thanks for the stickers!

We continued to walk down Chapel St. The girls were probably 1-2 blocks behind now.

Walked into a store and I spotted this massive Vans shoe.

Next stop was the very cool antique store. It’s massive! Apparently I’m not supposed to take photos in here. Sorry!

Old school cool.

Time for a rest in front of the Town Hall. Hot fixie.

Next stop was Greville Street (right hand side if facing down Chapel St from Melbourne). Dianne & Christina were still on the left hand side of Chapel St.

Cool graffiti.

It was time to meet up with the girls again so we stopped at bluebar.

Crossed the road. There will be a few more photos like this in the next Melbourne post.

Money time.

Turntables at Dakota. Justin and I also bought a buttoned shirt for dinner as we forgot to bring our nicer shirts.

A bike and a lot of thongs.

Justin & Christina walking back down Chapel St.

Where’s my new shirt?? Oh yep there it is.

Lovers Walk!

Tram going past our apartment.

We then met up with Jamie (Justin’s sister) and her husband Richie. It was time to get ready for dinner and once we were back outside again, it started to rain. We ate a nice steak restaurant and a review will eventually be up on BeTheFoodie, hence no pictures of the food here.

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