Mountain Biking in Malaysia

During my recent trip to Malaysia, I had an opportunity to go mountain biking with Dianne’s cousin Alvin. Thanks to Alvin, I was provided with a nice bike, helmet & backpack. We hit the trails at Bukit Kiara.. it is one of the well known courses and it’s not very far from town. Due to the crazy humidity, it is advised to start as early as you can wake up! Tip, spray yourself with insect repellent.

The meet up.

Yep, FD2R with roof racks.


Alvin’s mates’ Ibis (his) & Ellsworth (hers).

Another mate’s bike. Very nice Yeti.

KSH Bicycle, the meeting spot.

Alvin’s Ellsworth Epiphany, my ride for the day. It was so easy to do wheelies on this, I felt awesome hah.

Another one.


The left is the last jump for the Downhill track. The right is where we headed and we went the wrong way as we had to walk a lot of it.

This hut was a meet up spot in the middle of the trail network. That trail on the right is also the start of my favourite loop.


Nice downhill bikes.

The trail is so different to trails here in Australia. It’s very wet, slippery, muddy, leafy, etc. This trail was also quite technical at times. It was also quite frustrating walking through the thick mud. Just check out the front wheel!

Back at the shop.

Dirty! Compare this picture with the one above.

Another good tip is to use a lot of sunscreen! I’m glad this trail was mostly undercover. I tracked it with SportsTracker which you can see here. Note, there’s a missing loop because I forgot to continue the tracking, it was my favourite loop too because I didn’t have to get off the bike to walk through mud or planks with 1m+ drops!

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