North Rocks

This time the chain didn’t snap. So I did a bit more exploring at the North Rocks trail again and apparently there is more because I didn’t even reach Lake Parramatta! Click here for the loop I did today. Will be back one day with Kevin so he can show me more of the trail I missed.

A creek crossing somewhere after I snapped the chain last week.

Was told by the friendly rider last week that an awesome single trail starts at one of these towers. This was the wrong one as it lead to the back of houses and dogs were barking at me.

Some fire trail.

I rode past this to see if there was anything more and was barked at by another dog and said hello to a friendly couple relaxing at the back of their house. This is the start of the single trail! Fun, tight, technical, awesome.

Glove marks the start.

Where the single trail finishes. Beautiful.

Annoying little roll down, roll up thing with a drop to the left. My bike was leaning against the tree and then fell flat.

BMU North Rocks Ride - February 23, 2011 - 12:22 am

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