Richard’s 28th

We recently celebrated Richard’s birthday at an Eastern European restaurant called the Food Society. With the dates changing between the Friday and Saturday a few times, Karen managed to accommodate the most people and the booking was confirmed. The food was delicious!

RichardGood mix of vegetables in the menu.

RichardSanida listening intently.. or she could just be stretching her neck.

RichardDesgi going for a little refreshment.

RichardKaren & Ngan having a little laugh. Actually, there were a lot of laughs that night!

RichardThe restaurant is filled with detail.

RichardChoong discussing with Michelle about who the designated driver will be. Michelle won. Choong had to drive.

RichardPlaying with their iPhones.

RichardCevapi, a Balken style sausage.

RichardFranky! Haven’t caught up with him since the wedding.

RichardThe birthday boy.

RichardSomething strong.


RichardMore laughing and good times!

RichardNow it’s Jia Jia’s turn.

RichardDianne picking up some salad.

RichardCan’t have dinner without a phone on the table. There’s always something to share.

RichardKaren enjoying her dessert. Hope you had a great time Richard. We sure did.

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