The Mont 24 Hour 2011

This is one race I recommend all mountain bikers should do! Even though the toilets stink, it was awesome to hang around with mates, set up base camp, cook food, share food & ride bikes. This year it was held at East Kowen Forest which is not too far from Canberra. The trail was specifically built for this and it’s a trail I thoroughly enjoyed.
We had 3 teams! Bikes Move Us Slow, Bikes Move Us Slower & Bikes Move Us Slowest. I was in the latter and was the fourth rider. Being the fourth rider I had to wait a few hours before it was my turn. I was a little nervous but excited as I didn’t have time to do a warm up lap on Friday due to work.
As I discovered on my first lap, riding the kow was quite rewarding! It started with uphills and then the middle section was filled with fun, fast & flowy trails where you didn’t have to pedal that much. It was also picturesque. With less than 2km to go I managed to crash. The brake ruts caused my front wheel to jump a little higher which meant the tyre lost a bit of traction on the dirt. I was down for a few minutes and that cost me some valuable time for a personal best. I managed to dust myself off, ride back to transition then straight to First Aid for a clean up.
I rode another 2 laps at night and was about to go on my fourth before it started to rain. After checking the BOM radar, we decided to stop riding and start packing up.
On the way home, I took over the driving from Andy as he was sleepy. Once we arrived, he helped me unload the car and Dianne swiftly ordered 2 pizzas for a late lunch! Next was a much needed nap. Then Dianne made pasta for dinner. Perfect way to end the weekend.
We had a great time and we’ll definitely be back for 2012!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Andy picked me up and after some rearrangements we were good to go. Thanks for the lift Andy!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Trieu doing some final check ups. Thanks to Trieu I was able to take the photos you see here. I left my batteries at home still charging on the kitchen bench!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Our drive down felt somewhat shorter with the amount of rubbish & jokes that were going through the CB radios.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011First meeting point was the Goulburn Bakery.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Oh hello Big Merino!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Trieu and David Ludenia. David is a machine.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Trieu & Kevin filling up their eskies. Andy being Andy.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011We arrived and quickly setup our tents. That was my home for 2 nights. Oh and I bought a Spinifex stretcher for $25. 100% worth it. So comfortable!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Our headquarters before everyone else arrived and filled up the empty space you see in front.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011In a matter of hours it was nothing like this.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Tents were everywhere. Some setups were really impressive.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011The trailers. 3 for toilets and 1 for showers. Half for men and half for the ladies. Yep men had to queue up while the ladies just walked in and out.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Trieu showing off his new bucket hat. Another great investment for camping.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Andy sabotaging Clifton’s Trance.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011David admiring Kevin’s Tallboy.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Trieu ensuring the bike is OK for the first lap.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Kevin looking on with his jersey matching bucket hat.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Not sure what happened here but I think Alex was sad after being told off by Jarod.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Alex pointing to where the toilets are. Jarod telling Tim to sit under the tarps.. or not.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011The Single Virgins base camp. Machines I tell you. They came 3rd in their category! Well done team.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011The queue for helmet check-ups at the registration tent.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Sponsors’ tents.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Race director speaking at the riders’ briefing. Exciting times as the race was about to start!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011A Le Mans-style start was done to separate people across the field for the first lap.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Andy. Andrew who arrived early on Friday to reserve our massive camping spot. Champion! Tim the flag bearer.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Kevin modelling the BMU jersey.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Alex & Clifton. The BMU jerseys made it easy for our first riders to spot us.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Tim waving the flag. The first riders were getting close! Dolphins!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Timmy was first to grab the bike.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Alex cheering Timmy on! Dolphins!

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Soon after Trieu came along to grab the bike off Andy.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011They all walked away while I was still on the other side divided by a moving wall of runners.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011First lap = traffic.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011Future mountain bike champion.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011The sun was going down and the temperatures started to quickly drop.

The Mont 24 Hour 2011I was welcomed with this view when coming back from my 2nd night lap. Beautiful. Good times.

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Paul - April 12, 2011 - 4:30 pm

Love the photos. Really really tells the story. Good job!

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