The Mont 24 Hour

I’ve done this 3 years in a row and a great event it is. This year I didn’t prepare for it and it showed when I was riding on anything that didn’t go downhill. I wasn’t psyched about it and the last time I rode my mountain bike was some time in January. Far out. What a trail! Thanks to the rain it wasn’t as dusty as last year and wow so smooth. There were one or 2 muddy spots in the middle but that was nothing to complain about. The downhill twists and turns were awesome. I only took a few photos this year as I arrived just 2 hours before the race started and slept in the car. It was freezing at night. Toilets weren’t too bad as well and wet wipes are the best.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Holy seat post! That is Mike preparing his XTC.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Steve getting ready for the run and first lap.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Ryan’s home for the weekend.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Off we go to the start line.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Steve went off to runners’ start while we found a space on his left so he could find us.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Go Steve!

The Mont 24 Hour 2012This is what it was like at the first transition. The transition area was so much better this year.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Mike waiting for Steve at transition.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Clifton waiting for Timmy.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Happy Steve and happy Timmy return from their first lap.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012I was the last rider in the team and my first lap started around 4PM.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012The sun started to set and we were wondering why Steve wasn’t back. Flat.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Big thanks to Tai and the TBSM crew for hosting us. The heater at night was much needed as the temperature dropped down to around 4 degrees Celsius.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012I did a night lap. Altogether I managed to squeeze in 4 laps.

The Mont 24 Hour 2012Then it was time to pack up. Good friends. Good times.

tai - April 6, 2012 - 3:26 pm

It was awesome to do that night lap with you Felix! Although I probably enjoyed it more than you did 🙂

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