The NSX Road Trip

I used to call my cousin Steven during my primary school days and we would talk about cars for hours. My uncles and aunties would try to call home and would wonder why the phone was always engaged. That’s where my love for Honda and the NSX started. He would explain everything VTEC, Civic, Type R, NSX and anything Honda. From all those phone calls, I promised myself I would get a Honda as my first car and I did. I bought myself a Honda Integra Type R and I’ve owned it for almost 10 years now. Til this day, it still makes me smile. I love everything about it. It’s so raw and it’s amazing to drive. No wonder it still compares to cars of this day as seen here. I said I will never sell it. However, there is one car that would change my mind.

On Saturday, Dianne flew out to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. Instead of going straight home, I flew to Queensland. Why? Because NSX.

The NSX Road TripThe weather was perfect!

The NSX Road TripI was lining up for KFC because I was thinking about nuggets. I turned around, spotted MOS Burger and ordered a wagyu burger with cheese instead.

The NSX Road Trip

The NSX Road TripI walked along Surfers Paradise and noticed an event was on. It was Round 4 of the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IronMan Series.

The NSX Road TripDucati Monster and a 1199 Panigale S. Nice bikes.

The NSX Road TripLazed around for a little bit and then..

The NSX Road TripMy ride back to Sydney arrived. I was all smiles as you can see here.

The NSX Road Trip

The NSX Road TripThe first of many petrol stops.

The NSX Road Trip

The NSX Road TripI love the pop up headlights.

The NSX Road Trip

The NSX Road TripThe road was quiet and there were many speed cameras to keep drivers in check. Many trucks drove past in the opposite direction and the car did not move at all. I was loving it.

The NSX Road TripNice and simple cluster.

The NSX Road Trip

The NSX Road TripSpotted thousands of bats migrating.

The NSX Road TripThe sun eventually went down and that meant most of the driving would be at night.

The NSX Road TripWe stopped at Hungry Jacks, Grafton for a feed. I was starving as usual.

The NSX Road TripMore petrol.

The NSX Road TripDriver change.

The NSX Road TripToilet break.

The NSX Road TripThat rear end. There was one more stop after this and of course I was hungry again so I bought some nuggets to eat. Next stop was home.

The NSX Road TripWe pulled up in my street and I realised I just experienced the best and most tiring road trip ever. My love for it has grown exponentially. The NSX is in my future. I was temporarily living the dream and it was good.

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